This Subscription is designed for you to maintain control of your financial destiny. After your "Level Up Power Session," you will be empowered, refreshed, renewed, and ready to to transform bad money behaviors and unhealthy emotional money habits and formulate a financial strategy that is tailored made for your financial journey.

Christine Roebuck, Financial Strategist

I am a financial strategist with a B.S. in Business and an M.A. in Practical Theology. I am an ordained minister and received a small group certification through Crown Ministries.  More than 30 years of combined experience in banking and finance, teaching, financial counseling, coaching, and mentoring. I use my expertise and life experiences to guide others out of the maze of the grip of debt. Having been deep in debt at the age of 19 with 13 credit cards that were all maxed out, I used knowledge gained through biblical principles to break free from debt.

So, I realize the temptations of loving money to the point that it dictates where you live, what you drive, your associations, and at times whether you get a good night's rest is a deep-seated problem for many people. Even the lack of money can cause similar burdens. So, coaching people through the rough places on their financial journey is a deep passion for me. My goal is to help you to transform bad money behaviors into good ones, from unhealthy emotional money habits to healthy habits, and formulate a solid financial strategy.

My favorite things to do are serving in ministry, teaching, traveling abroad, horseback riding, spending time with my family, and taking long walks on the beach.

I aim to meet every individual where they are regardless of their socio-economic status. So, bring whatever financial coaching needs, disappointments, insecurities, fears, or questions in this area, and let's work together to transform your journey from not-so-good to great. I look forward to serving you.

Pastor Jamie Stokes, VA

Christine Roebuck, the founder of Live My Life Debt Free, is serious about her mission and calling to help others, such as myself, become a generational wealth builder. Along with her expertise comes compassion and understanding to help bring her clients to a place of divine prosperity. She provides tools and insight on overcoming the challenges of being in debt and offers wisdom on how to remain debt-free through discipline and proper financial stewardship.  I am all in! Don't miss your coaching opportunity with her.

Pastor Jamie Stokes
Pastor Marquissa Williams

Pastor Marquissa Williams, PA

My experience working with Coach Christine has been nothing but exceptional. The coaching that I received was and is still life changing. I obtained strategies on how to improve my credit score as well as creation of a solid savings plan.

The level of commitment and integrity that comes with working with her is simply amazing.

I would highly recommend Coach Christine and Living My Life Debt Free to anyone who is looking to make a positive and permanent change as it relates to finances.

Pastor Shirley Jackson, VA

Before Minister Roebuck introduced me to the principles of Living Your Life Debt Free, my idea of financial freedom was living paycheck to paycheck and being able to make my minimum credit card payments. I had no budget or monthly spending plan, had no idea what my credit score was, and rarely even bothered to balance my checkbook. But through Min Roebuck’s teaching, constant challenges, check-ins, and encouragement to celebrate even the small milestones, I am now a generational wealth builder who is in control of my cash flow.

By putting the principles into practice and going through the process, I now have an excellent credit score, substantial emergency funds and savings accounts, and a bright financial future. If you are serious about learning good money management and are willing to do the work, then you don’t want to miss this coaching opportunity. 

Pastor Shirley Jackson
Delegate Angelia Williams-Graves

Delegate Angelia Williams-Graves

VA House of Delegates, 90th District

Chris Roebuck changed my life. I was a financial train wreck when I met her. I learned from her teaching to open ALL my mail, answer my phone, and negotiate with my creditors. I learned that paying myself first didn’t mean going shopping every payday. Instead, I have learned to save money from each paycheck for a rainy day.

I have improved my credit score by several hundred points, and I even bought an investment property on my own. If you are your own worst financial enemy, make Chris Roebuck your coach and learn to live your life debt-free! 

Generational Wealth Building Coaching Subscription

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