Christine Roebuck, Instructor

Financial Strategist

I am a financial strategist with a B.S. in Business and an M.A. in Practical Theology. I am an ordained minister and received a small group certification through Crown Ministries. More than 30 years of combined experience in banking and finance, teaching, financial counseling, coaching, and mentoring. I use my expertise and life experiences to guide others out of the maze of the grip of debt. Having been deep in debt at the age of 19 with 13 credit cards that were all maxed out, I used knowledge gained through biblical principles to break free from debt.

So, I realize the temptations of loving money to the point that it dictates where you live, what you drive, your associations, and at times whether you get a good night's rest is a deep-seated problem for many people. Even the lack of money can cause similar burdens. So, coaching people through the rough places on their financial journey is a deep passion for me. My goal is to help you to transform bad money behaviors into good ones, from unhealthy emotional money habits to healthy habits, and formulate a solid financial strategy.

My favorite things to do are serving in ministry, teaching, traveling abroad, horseback riding, spending time with my family, and taking long walks on the beach.

I aim to meet every individual where they are regardless of their socio-economic status. So, bring whatever financial coaching needs, disappointments, insecurities, fears, or questions in this area, and let's work together to transform your journey from not-so-good to great. I look forward to serving you.

Here is what other generational wealth builders are saying:

Pastor Lisa Barnes, Virginia

After serving at an LMLDF event, my husband and I pledged to stop using our credit cards. Our goal was to pay off all outstanding balances and improve our credit scores.

Alonzo and Leslie Parker, Virginia

Chris has created LMLDF, a space that supports the millionaire as well as the "Dollaraire"! Wealth Builders can ask questions on any level. LMLDF has changed my life in how I approach money, the way I talk with my wife about money, and how we teach our children about money.

LMLDF praises the wins and encourages the community during times of setbacks.

Justus Rudisill, Virginia

Mrs. Chris is an anointed giver and teacher. She WILL bless you and if you heed her words the first time, you will be a blessing to all those around you.

I was fortunate enough to be touched at a young age and the tools that I picked up from the Live My Life Debt Free course have been essential and timeless in my journey to holistic financial freedom.

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